Original Name of Property: YWCA Building
Address: 15 N Naches Ave.
Built: 1934
Original owner: YWCA
Architect: Mary Remy, John Maloney
Style: Colonial Revival
Areas of Significance: Architecture and social history. The building is significant for its role in promoting the welfare of women and girls in the Yakima Valley. Built in 1934, the structure served as a center of physical, social, and cultural activity for the region’s young women. The YWCA also temporarily housed the homeless, transient, and working women. It served as an employment agency and offered a wide range of social services in an age before extensive government-run programs. The Colonial Revival style building, designed by YWCA President Mary Remy and architect John Maloney, retains most of its integrity, including a period interior, reflecting the domestic institutional style favored by the organization.

Yakima Register Of Historic Places:

ywca history

image of original Yakima YWCA building, now Le Chateau Event Venue

Photo credit: Yakima Register of Historic Places